Not Again

Damn it, I totally forgot AGAIN that I have a blog. From now on, I’m going to post random links to things that I find fun. For starters, here’s one of the most addictive sites I’ve been to in a long time. These people even convinced me to go out to a graveyard and snap pictures of graves for them. The whole storyline/game is almost over, but you can still hang out and play poker, or just check out the story from the start, if you want:

Last Call Poker

Next I have the greatest Harry Potter fansite ever. Plenty of updates, and now that the movie’s in a week, clips of the movie are popping up like no other:


This is one of the funniest things ever. The company’s name is RoosterTeeth, and they make online video series, using Halo, The Sims, and now F.E.A.R., plus apparently more are on the way. Each series is hilarious in its own way, but by far the best is Red Vs. Blue. Check it out here:

Red Vs. Blue
Also note that if you’ve seen me wearing my Wade shirt, it comes from The Strangerhood, their Sims parody.

Lastly for now, is The Kingdom of Loathing. At first glance, this site looks like a piece of crap. Stick figure drawings, heavy sarcasm, what could be worse? But the truth is that this is one of the best games you can possibly play online. There’s tons of stuff to do, and the content within the game is some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen. Tons of pop-culture references in the game (You know the myth that your stomach will explode if you drink coke and eat pop rocks? Try eating Rock Pops in the game and drinking a Cloaca-Cola or Dyspepsi) It’s a crazy addictive game, and there’s tons of cool people to chat with within the game. Join and message me (Clackling) and I can help you get started. Plus it will make me happy.

Kingdom of Loathing

That’s all for now. If I still remember I have a blog next week, I’ll be sure to post more links!



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