Little Things That Bother Me

Backwards toiler paper/paper towel rolls
People who step out of character in shows to play with the audience
People who sit in the front row of a class
People who ask stupid questions (Yes, there are such things)
Dumb people
Girls who think I hit on them
People who let you know they’re smarter than you
Teachers who don’t write comments on a paper you turned in
Assholes who insist on standing right outside your door in the middle of the night, yelling as loud as they can.
People who refuse to accept evolution
Hanukkah Harry
People who everyone they meet instantly like
People who think they can sing
People who think they can’t sing but do it anyway
People who think they’re okay at singing, but really they’re either really good or really terrible
Pre-Med people
People who make lists of “Things That Bother Me”

Added 12/17: The little bit of ketchup that sticks to the packets no matter what


I’m Still Alive

For once, I didn’t forget about my blog. I actually got sick. Mono. Ugh. After sitting in bed for 2 weeks, I finally gave up and started getting better. I’m still not totally okay, but I’m back at school. As for new links to sites…I don’t really have any. I kinda used all my good ones up last time. Oh, but wait! Here’s something semi-cool:


This is an Amazon site that pays you for helping them out. Basically you sift through pics and pick the one that looks like the building they’re trying to find, or you tell them who the artist is of a CD that they give you. You get maybe 2 or 3 cents per pic, but if you do a few a day, you might make a lot of money! I’m up to $1.20 or so, so maybe soon I can buy a pencil! YAY!

Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting for you this week. I promise to do better next time. In the meantime, I highly recommend you watch LOST. The show keeps getting better and better, I swear.