Improvised Improvisation

So, I’ve told this story so many times that I just want to post it somewhere so I never have to tell it again.

This weekend, we went to the TBA party at Sam Roos and Mike Martin’s house. There were WAY too many freshmen there. I have nothing against freshmen, mind you, I’m just bothered when my friends make a party, and there are more people we don’t know than those we do. But, whatever. The points is, at 12:30, when TBA was going to do their improv, there were so many people that we didn’t even try to go downstairs and watch it. Instead, about 10 of us stayed upstairs and did our own improv show for ourselves, and those 15 minutes were better than the entire rest of the party. We had fun, we were funny, and we just enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Why can’t all parties be more like that quarter of an hour?