I discovered the CRAZIEST game today. It launched online a month ago, and I was laughing out loud for much of my experience with it today. I direct your attention to

ForumWarz is basically a self-contained internet simulator, where the object is to “pwn” forums by attacking them with dumb comments and bad code. It’s much more complex than that, obviously, but the whole presentation is just brilliant. From the IM simulator called “sTalk”, to the online search engine “Septillion”, everything is a parody of something elsewhere on the net. One of the best parts of it is that you jump into it without having to register, and only after you complete the first 10 minutes or so do you have to register, in order to save your progress (and earn a cash reward). The game is hilarious, and definitely not safe for work. In fact, in order to even start playing, you must type into a box “I am not offended easily”. And believe me, you WILL get offended. Go check it out.


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