Seattle Blog Part 1

This post was originally written on Sunday, at 11:20PM EST.

I love airplanes. I don’t know what it is about them. The entire experience, from the airport, to the tiny bathrooms with the really scary flusher, are all fun. I get stuck in airports for three hours, and I love it. It’s one of the best places to people watch. You know the scenes that open and close “Love Actually” in the airport? Those are awesome.

If all goes well, I have about 40 minutes left in this flight. One of my friends from Flying Lab is picking me up at the airport. She goes by Danicia, and is probably reading this right now (Hi Dani!). As much as I love having all these “imaginary” friends online, it sorta is a bit weird meeting these people in person. I’ve only met one online friend ever, Maia, and that was lots of fun. But it’s different when I’m meeting an entire company that I’ve hung out with for a year. I feel like I know so much about these people, but face-to-face is still really strange. How do I refer to them? But their real names? I can’t imagine being referred to by anything other than “David”, but that’s not the name they know me by. So this should be interesting at the very least. Whoops, landing time. Later.


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  1. that’s the beauty of my online’s the same as my real name just spelled crazy. It is a strange thing though. I know when DocSavag (Jerry) and I went to our first SWG Fan Fest people would call him Doc all the time. Have fun in Seattle and we’ll see you at PAX

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