Seattle Blog #2

Wow. This summer is going to be awesome. I am so excited! I feel like a little child, running around, giddy with excitement. I had so much fun today. The people I’ve met online are just as fun in person. And not as scary to meet as I would’ve asumed. I got to the office of Flying Lab around 11, and immediately recognized the tall man known as Troy. He’s my boss-ish for the summer. After running me around the office introducing me to everyone, him, Theresa, and I went out for coffee and talked about the summer. The job is going to be ridiculously fun and educational. I’m going to be able to shadow the teams, I’ll be able to sit in on some meetings, and I’ll be doing lots of fun secret stuff on my own, too.

The office is awesome. There is crap everywhere, but I don’t mean crap as in “random stuff thrown all over the place” or even as in “poo”. I mean there are pirate ships all over, pictures, parrots, bobbleheads, board games, flags, t-shirts. There is so much stuff here that I could take it all, lock it in a room, and then I’d have the most awesome room ever.

I want to talk about Troy and Theresa, but I know they’re reading this, so I’ll have to be relatively nice. Like I said, Troy is tall. I mean, I know people said it before, but it’s hard to believe until you see him. I mean, we’re talking almost 7 feet. He’s awesome. As much fun as he is online, it’s even more fun in person, especially cause I can punch him if I feel like it, and he can trip me when we walk together. Theresa’s adorable. I’ve voice chatted with her online before, which is good because if I hadn’t, I probably would’ve been shocked by the sound of her voice. I mean, she’s exactly what I know her to be.

I think I’ll actually be working in the “Communicave”, which is what they dub the small alcove of the office the two of them are stuffed into. I’ll be taking up the endcap, it seems, so the cave will be a little more crowded soon. But it’ll be overloaded with more fun! *gag*

Anyways, that was Flying Lab. I just kinda hung out there all day for no reason, listening to Troy ramble on about all the different parts of the business. He told me I could stay, and I liked being there, so it all worked out perfectly.

I stopped by my apartment today too. It’s awesome. Very pretty. It was a little hot in there (no A/C), but with the outside door open you get a really nice breeze.

Also, if anyone is interested, Troy is deathly allergic to peanuts and body soap. So, you know, do with that information what you will.


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