Seattle Day Somethingth

Today I finally got to sleep in. That’s a relief.

Last night was the party at the aquarium. It was great, a lot of fun, and I got the chance to meet some really important people and get their information. I’m really enjoying letting my friends drag me around and introduce to me to the higher-ups they know.

Today I relaxed, going to a few sessions, listening to the keynote which was the President of Sony Online Entertainment. To be honest, he’s not a very good speaker. It was exciting to see videos of their upcoming games, but it sounded like someone else wrote his presentation for him. Plus he spoke for a half hour out of the hour alloted to him.

This afternoon I’ll be going to Troy’s panel on User Generated Content, and hopefully I’ll be able to make faces at him while he talks. Tonight I’m not sure about. I may be on my own, but I’m still trying to wrangle an invite to a private Sony party at their offices in Seattle. My friends were all invited, so they keep trying to push for me to get in as well. Like I said, I like these people.

Sorry for the short update today. I’m still pushing new photos every day here. Check them out. I’m trying to take lots, because I have a bad habit of taking none. Anyways, talk to you all soon!


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