Spore Creature Creator

For all you interested in what I am doing in my spare time, check out the neat little widget at the bottom of my blog. It automatically will update with any fun creatures I make in Spore. Aren’t they adorable?


Red Vs Blue is back!

If anyone’s ever watched the RvB series, you’ll know that they ended the first story at the 100th episode. Well, the new series started last week, and with the 2nd episode released yesterday, you can be assured that the show continues the humor. Everyone was really worried when the trailer was all serious, and when the first episode was serious. But finally we have proof that the old characters are coming back! It’s a great series, I highly recommend watching it if you have some time: http://rvb.roosterteeth.com

A Self-Critique

I’m impressed with myself. Ever since ION, I’ve been posting here more than I’ve ever posted. And by the way, if you check out my early rant about things I hate, I still hate all those things. Even more so, if that’s possible.

6 days till Seattle!