Monster’s Inc Ride?

Found this post today. I sincerely hope it’s true. With the opening of Pixar Place at MGM (well, it’s not called MGM anymore but I refuse to call it “Disney’s Hollywood Studios” because that’s just dumb), all they have is one ride that just opened: Toy Story Mania. While I’ve heard it’s awesome, it’s obviously just one ride. So they’re going to be building a Monster’s Inc inverted roller coaster based off the awesome door chase scene at the end of the movie, set to open in 2011. The line will take you through the lobby of Monsters Inc, complete with interactive scream/laugh canisters that measure your lung power.

Also, if the rumors are true, they’ll be updating the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground to fit in with A Bug’s Life, and there might be a Cars attraction as well. Just when I thought I’d be done visiting Disney for a while after this year…I guess I’ll have to find an excuse to go back in two. AWESOME.


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