Episodic Gaming & Two week countdown

Anyone heard of this new game coming out called American McGee’s Grimm? It’ll be on Gametap next week sometime. Anyways, it looks fairly interesting. One episode released per week, you roam around turning a happy fairy tale into a dark depressing one, Katamari-style. That’s my sort of game, short, fun, sweet. Like Sam & Max. Now there is a quality game.

And now I’m two weeks away from my last day here. I’m really excited to go back to school, don’t get me wrong. This year will be awesome. But…this summer has given me a really unique experience. Besides the internship and the job and all that, I’ve gotten to taste what life as an actual adult is like. Living completely on my own, fending for myself, etc. I gotta tell you, it’s rough. Besides having to learn to cook something other than pasta, living alone can drive a person crazy. You gotta make friends fast, because a weekend by yourself is just maddening and depressing at the same time. By Fridays I’m usually grateful to get some rest, but at the same time, I dread not knowing if anyone will be around. It’s rough. On the other hand, having no one to answer to but myself is awesome. The only responsibilities I have are to take care of myself, and that’s really an exciting thing. It’s a cool balance.

That reminds me. Two weeks means I need to schedule Comcast to come out and pick up my cable boxes before I go. I really hope they can come out as late as possible, because being in my apartment without internet or TV might make me go nuts. Moreso. (Also, look Jackie! I mentioned Comcast!)

Oh, and I realized I don’t actually know what classes I’m taking when I get back. I should probably look that up at some point. And I really want my OL group already. No nervousness this year. I succeeded beyond the call of duty last year, and now it’s easy to duplicate that. I hope.


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  1. I feel you.

    You're taking Databases & AI, that I know.

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