Steps Forward

I think one thing for sure that has come out of this summer (aside from the millions of other things) is that I’m no longer ashamed of what I enjoy. I mean, it was always very obvious that I love video games, but I never really liked talking about it openly. I guess my parents sort of instilled a “this isn’t a real job” thing in me, so I always figured I was wasting time (enjoyably, mind you) playing games and getting involved with communities. But now…I work in the games industry. I have a legitimate job in it. So it’s no longer embarrassing to me. PLUS, I’ve met so many people in person, and guess what? None of them are losers. They’re all awesome. They’re all people you wouldn’t be ashamed to be friends with. And that means I can be one of those people too! Next time someone asks me what I do, I can actually explain it to them, without kind of mumbling off some crappy answer.

So, friends, anytime you’re curious what I do, feel free to ask. I’ll actually be honest this time around. I’m a gamer, and I love it.


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