So. Everyone’s been talking about this new game on XBLA called “Braid”. It’s being praised as this amazing game, totally worth the money, blah blah blah. This situation sounds really really familiar though, because the last time the media praised a game this much, it was for Portal, which is now my favorite game of all time. So I know that if I buy Braid, I’m going to love it, and will write lots of glowing reviews about its awesomeness, especially about whatever this supposed “end-game sequence” is that everyone’s peeing in their pants from excitement about.

So why haven’t I bought it yet? Well, mostly because I’m trying really hard to be conservative with my money this year, I guess. I spent SO much last year on games and toys and such. I’m not complaining at all, but I should probably be more careful with what I buy, that is, unless I start getting paid for my job. Then this plan goes out the window. Anyways, there are lots of games and stuff coming out this year that I’ve made a list of that I want to buy. For example, Lost season 4, Chuck season 1, and Spore, to name a few. All of which are very important things to be purchasing. So I’m going to hold off on buying Braid for a little while. I’m sure it’ll be around, I’ve played the demo in the meantime (it’s fine, but not enough to grab my attention just yet), and when I have the money to spare, I’ll jump in and be back here, writing about how awesome it is.


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