Classes are stressful, Eli Stone is not

I have never been so stressed out with classes before in my entire educational career. This is ridiculous. We are barely two weeks into school, and I’ve already got papers, tests, homework. It’s just crazy. I don’t deal with school stress well, so I’ve been putting off all the work I have to do by playing video games or watching TV. It’s really bad. This weekend I’m going to shut my computer off and force myself to do work. Or else I might end up failing classes, which is bad. At this point, if I can get a job secured for post-college, all I need to do is graduate 🙂

In other news, I started watching the first season of Eli Stone all over again. It’s such a fantastic show, and it makes you feel very happy. It’s fairly emotional, but really funny, and there’s lots of great George Michael songs in it. If you haven’t watched it, just try one episode. While there is a storyline, each one can also be watched on its own. I highly recommend any and all of them. It’s weird to say, but this is a show that’s got a lot of heart in it. And that’s freaking awesome.


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