Spread the Pirate Love

I am amazed at how a silly little idea like TLAPD could become a global phenomenon. The fact that I could sign in to Facebook and change my language to Pirate today was just amazing. How did something like this happen? I mean, the first clear sign of it becoming recognized was Dave Barry’s coverage of it a few years ago. His article made people aware of this ridiculous holiday, and some people (i.e. my friends) turned it into an annual tradition, complete with taking an area of our high school hostage with swords and eyepatches. I wasn’t there for that, unfortunately.

Now, it’s become an annual sensation. Looking at my usual hangouts: Kingdom of Loathing (and most online video games) has an ingame holiday to correspond to it, Pirates of the Burning Sea has Slappy n’ Chumbucket (the founders) in the game, handing out a mission with a parrot as a reward, Google has a Pirate-themed page, Facebook does, as I mentioned, and the list goes on. It’s awesome that something two guys made up after drinking too much has become so big. The internet is full of those sorts of examples, where someone becomes huge just by posting a video, or writing a blog entry, or whatever. That’s why I love this so-called Web 2.0. ANYONE has a chance of becoming famous, and it’s not in that “You can do anything!” way that your parents always tried to persuade you about. You find your niche, and you can stack up millions of page views in a very short amount of time. I love the internet.


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  1. Arrrrplications. Hahahaha!

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