Television Round-up

I completely forgot about the premiere of Heroes last night. I mean, I was in rehearsal, so it didn’t make much difference, but still. I was pretty angry when I suddenly remembered. Also, surprisingly, Chuck premiered last night too. I could’ve sworn it was supposed to start up next week, but…surprise! I guess. Anyways, here are my thoughts:

Heroes: The premiere (and its followup) were pretty good. It’s nice to see all these wonderful actors back. I had fun watching it, but I’m still not convinced that I’m attached anymore. They needed to pull me back in, and I’m just not sure they accomplished that. I did laugh pretty hard when Sylar said “Eat your brain? Claire, that’s disgusting.” (Oh, yeah, spoiler alert.) But I have this unfortunate feeling that certain people are going to end up being Villains, which I don’t like. And the way they are changing some characters is not a direction I like. Nathan going all religious? No thanks. Mohinder become super-powerful is okay, but I just know he’ll overdo it and turn bad. At least Ali Larter has a new character to play. I hated Niki. I don’t really understand this whole change between characters, but, eh, I’ll play along, as long as Niki’s actually dead (which Greg Beeman swears is true). Basically, to sum it up, I’ll keep watching, but with a wary eye. I’ll drop it at a moment’s notice if it becomes too much for me.

Chuck: Chuck is awesome. The premiere sucked me right back in, and it continued along with the same awesome style, the same nerdy jokes, and the same awkward oh-my-god-kiss-already moments. I’m REALLY excited that it’s back. Also, they played Flight of the Conchords during the episode. The soundtrack of the show is just freaking awesome. I don’t really have much to expand on, other than to say “Keep it up! You guys rock!” I want to meet Zachary Levi some day and give him a big hug. He needs to be my friend.

So, next up, we have The Office, premiering Thursday, and then in October we’ll see Eli Stone and 30 Rock come back. Sounds like a good plan to me!


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