PC vs Console

There’s this constant argument amongst the industry as to whether PC gaming is dying out because of consoles. And to me, the question never really made sense, though in the past few days it suddenly occurred to me why I enjoy playing console games more. Console games just work. That’s it. Barring any extreme exceptions, the games get put in the machine, and they work. No system requirements, no upgrades needed. They work. PC games, on the other hand, have requirements. And those requirements are not the end-all to whether a game will work. There are SO many factors involved.

I may have a PC that can whoop any game’s requirements, but because I also keep a million programs running the background, the game might barely launch. What’s the first suggestion you get when you’re having trouble playing a PC game? Close down any extra applications you have running. Because there’s this big X factor involved, I can see why console gaming is becoming more attractive to people. Is PC gaming dying? Probably not. Anyone can upgrade their computer to be able to play newer games. Consoles are stuck in their generation, until a new machine comes out. So PC’s always have something consoles won’t. But on the other hand, I can play Bioshock on my 360, but when I try and run it on my PC, I have to drop the settings down so low it’s not even worth it. And that’s when I meet the recommended requirements, too.

In other news, I discovered that a lot more people read this blog than I thought. Which, on the one hand is awesome, but on the other hand, adds a bit of pressure to perform. I’ll try and post more stuff more often. I just kinda post when I have something to say, though. So, don’t hold your breath.


Yes, this is a Palin rant

Alright. I hate talking politics publicly. I don’t like alienating an audience, I don’t like the inevitable arguments that come up. I prefer to form my own opinions, educate myself through others, and then make my own decision. But Palin is just…wow. I can’t even begin to describe the things that make me angry about her. I mean, there’s all the obvious stuff like “I’m an unexperienced idiot who didn’t do squat as mayor or governor”. But, she’s also doing nothing to stop people at her rallies being assholes to Obama. I’m not expecting her to play nice, that’s not how politics work. But to have people screaming out “Hussein the socialist!” and have her say nothing to stop that? That’s the sign of a desperate person. And no, your interview with Katie Couric was not bad because you were annoyed with her questions. It sucked because you didn’t know anything about real world politics and therefore couldn’t answer her questions. I mean, yeah, you probably were annoyed with the questions, because they weren’t simple enough for you to respond with a canned answer. But seriously, woman.

So, yeah, I’m angry. And I’m not just angry, I’m scared. If McCain wins…this woman will be in power. She will have serious influence in the world, and that’s frightening. I don’t need to reiterate all the dumb stuff she’s said over the past few months, but look at them. It’s too much. McCain should’ve pulled her when he had the chance.

A Review Made Me Mad

Some of you may be familiar with those people that go absolutely crazy when a review comes out about their beloved <insert media form here>. Those people that threaten the lives of a critic because they only gave a movie a 9.9 out of 10 or something. I hate those people. But today, for the first time, I read a review that actually made me upset. Fable II, the sequel to one of the most popular Xbox games ever, launches tomorrow, and all the review sites posted their reviews today. IGN, one of the most popular review sites, gave the game an 8.8. That’s not a bad score at all, I’d like to point out. But the article itself was written extremely poorly. To me, it makes no sense that you can write in a review “It would have been better if they had done it this way”. Because, well, they DIDN’T. You need to review what is there, not what is not there. I don’t watch a movie and say, “Man, the movie was fine, but it really could’ve used some dead polar bears in it. That would’ve made it AWESOME.” Okay, I mean, maybe I do say that. But a reviewer CAN’T. The development team of a game made design decisions. They decided how the game should work. You need to look at the game as it is, not as you imagined it should be. That’s not fair to the company, and it’s not fair to your readers.

And then the other thing that enraged me was this quote:

If the online co-op works anything like couch co-op on a single system, count me out.

Why does that piss me off? Because if the reviewer had done the absolute slightest bit of research, they would know that that wasn’t the case. Instead of just being obnoxious about the system, why not take a quick peek to see whether it is or not. The tone of the review would have easily changed to “Luckily, online co-op allows you to use your character in another player’s world” instead of “Man, I hope it doesn’t suck as much as this does.” I almost NEVER take the time to check out extraneous links of information, but that’s also because I’m not a professional reviewer. It is your responsibility as such to do so, and I was shocked to see that they didn’t.

I find myself surprised that I feel so passionate about this, but never before have I actually noticed what makes up a poor review. It’s very strange, but I actually, for once, thought that IGN should probably have gotten a second opinion before posting their thoughts. Considering that UK IGN posted a review with a very different tone (a 9.5, along with a glowing review), I would hope they would look for another reviewer’s thoughts as well, like they do with so many games. I had slowly been edging away from reading IGN’s reviews, and I’m pretty sure this one pushed me over the edge.

Why Internet?

I use the internet to escape, I’ve determined. I don’t mean that in the emo, sad way. I just mean it in that I’ve established a different life on the net. There’s plenty to do, there’s new people to meet, and it doesn’t trap me in a specific character that people expect me to be. If things don’t work out, you can start again as a new identity, and no one is the wiser. Not so in real life, obviously. If things suck, well, you’re stuck with the people you’re stuck with. Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just a different thing. I mean, look at me right now. I’m posting to a blog about nothing substantial. It’s a good way for me to vent, to just talk, or to ramble. Doesn’t really matter much.

My apologies for the pointless post. I just needed something to do as a bit of a distraction from the chaos in my apartment right now. Too many people in one room yelling and singing and such. You know…acapella kids.

Moral Support

I’m not a suck up. I swear. I just happen to be really good at giving moral support, and I really enjoy doing it. Working in the theater during tech week, I constantly am going up to the crew and staff and complimenting them all on a job well done. It’s just what I do. The theater department loves me because of it, and I love them all too. Plus, now I’ll get easy A’s in my classes. Every little bit helps, right?

In other news, I made another impulse purchase this weekend, sold a number of old video games, and bought Warhammer Online. I’m not sure why. But I am SO glad I did, because I may finally have found an MMO that keeps me hooked. It’s so much fun, there’s always plenty of things to do, of all varied sorts, so it’s just really awesome. I could go into details, but I don’t think there are enough people who read my blog that care. Just know that I found an online game that I like. That’s it.

A Look Back

Check this out.

Yeah, it’s my very first webpage I ever made public. There are a number of things that amaze me about it. First, obviously, is the lack of taste in design. I may not be the best web designer, but I can at least tell ugly sites when I see them. Geez.

Next, of course, is the writing style. I always thought I typed more maturely for my age, but looking back at that, I’m just embarrassed. Multiple exclamation points at the end of a sentence? It reads like a little kid wrote it, and, well, a little kid did. I mean, I was 15 or 16, but still. Grow up, younger David.

And I also have NO idea what the majority of those inside jokes mean. There are definitely a few that stuck with me, but there are also a lot that I couldn’t remember if my life depended on it. Though I am quite surprised that I remember more Ramah jokes than Kellman. That’s weird.

So, to sum up this post, I was weird back then. I hope, five years from now, I look back at this blog and am not completely humiliated. I think I’m a better write now than I was then. I hope.