PC vs Console

There’s this constant argument amongst the industry as to whether PC gaming is dying out because of consoles. And to me, the question never really made sense, though in the past few days it suddenly occurred to me why I enjoy playing console games more. Console games just work. That’s it. Barring any extreme exceptions, the games get put in the machine, and they work. No system requirements, no upgrades needed. They work. PC games, on the other hand, have requirements. And those requirements are not the end-all to whether a game will work. There are SO many factors involved.

I may have a PC that can whoop any game’s requirements, but because I also keep a million programs running the background, the game might barely launch. What’s the first suggestion you get when you’re having trouble playing a PC game? Close down any extra applications you have running. Because there’s this big X factor involved, I can see why console gaming is becoming more attractive to people. Is PC gaming dying? Probably not. Anyone can upgrade their computer to be able to play newer games. Consoles are stuck in their generation, until a new machine comes out. So PC’s always have something consoles won’t. But on the other hand, I can play Bioshock on my 360, but when I try and run it on my PC, I have to drop the settings down so low it’s not even worth it. And that’s when I meet the recommended requirements, too.

In other news, I discovered that a lot more people read this blog than I thought. Which, on the one hand is awesome, but on the other hand, adds a bit of pressure to perform. I’ll try and post more stuff more often. I just kinda post when I have something to say, though. So, don’t hold your breath.


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