Don’t Hurt Me

I’ve finally decided to give World of Warcraft a fair shot. I know, I know. I’m a loser. But hear me out. Back in the early days of WoW, I played through a free trial, and thought it was kinda cool, but the concept of paying monthly for a game didn’t really excited me. So I let it go. A year or two later, I tried another free trial. It was still kinda fun, but I still didn’t want to pay for it. Then, the summer I worked for CompUSA, the employee discount on WoW made it cost $10 to purchase, plus $15 for a 60-day time card. So I gave in. And after a few days of playing, I got bored. I was lonely in the game. There was no incentive to stay other than to gain levels, which to me wasn’t exciting enough to keep me going. So I dropped it, and I think I actually gave away the time card.

Time passed, and I played a few more trials. Each time I got bored with it before the 10 days were up. And then one of my friends asked me to play with him, and so he send me a Recruit-a-friend invite this week, and we spend most of yesterday playing. And now I realized what I was missing. The social aspect! The game is awesome when you’re with someone else, because you have someone to talk to, someone to help you out, and someone to teach you. That’s why the game sucked for me, because I was all alone in this huge world. So, I’m going to continue this trial, then I actually purchased a new copy of WoW and TBC (the two were for sale on Amazon yesterday for $25 total, with two strategy guides thrown in too), and I’ll play over break. Wish me luck.


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