Ding 30!

I really really dislike posting about World of Warcraft. Firstly because I didn’t intend for this blog to be about games specifically. But also because…it’s WoW. The truth is that I’m really enjoying my time in it, and so it’s what I’m spending my spare time doing over break.

I hit 30 today, and that’s a pretty big occasion in the game. It’s the halfway point to the original level cap, and there’s lots of stuff you get at 30. So that was kinda exciting. Because I’m leveling so fast (due to Recruit-a-Friend bonuses), I’m having trouble gathering enough gold to purchase skills and goods at each level, but luckily my friend is happy to supply me with the gold I need. But I think the bonuses would be better offset with a 3x gold earning as well when grinding. Just a thought.

In other news, Hanukkah and my birthday are coming up fast. (Well, it IS Hanukkah right now, actually) If all goes well, I’ll be getting Mirror’s Edge. I know the reviews for it have been fairly negative, but I really think that the points in the game that are awesome will make up for the points that aren’t so good. I had so much fun in the demo that I have to have more. I’ll report back on that as it happens.

Also, I may be able to get more of the Strongbad games for the Wii. The first one was awesome, and I hear they keep getting better. I love Telltale. Their Sam & Max games were amazing, and Strongbad’s shaping up to be fantastic as well. Well done!

Okay, enough boring gaming stuff. I promise I’ll have more varied things to talk about next time. Maybe.


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