My wishlist!

After discovering that WordPress allows you to create multiple pages within your blog, I went ahead and played around with it by creating my current wishlist. It’s fairly small, mostly because I went on a crazy buying binge over the past few months, but I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff to add to it as time goes on. Check it out.


Back to Middle Earth?

A bunch of people were posting this link on their Twitters today. I finally had a chance during class (shhh) to read it, and it really made me curious to go back and read the trilogy again.

When I think of The Lord of the Rings, I think “Borrrrring.” The story itself was not boring. I love the story as a whole. But the two times I had read the trilogy, I was bored by the long blocks of text describing things, and I just wanted the story to move on. To me, the second and third books were just a lot of walking around. I’m sure any Tolkein fans reading this are crying “Blasphemy!” right now, but that’s why I’m saying I’m going to give it a second (third?) chance. That blog post I linked to was really well-written, and I do want to have that experience of forming the image of Middle Earth in my head. So maybe I’ll get those books sent to me to read over this semester.

I’ve seen the movies, and the third is my absolute favorite (minus the last half hour), and I’ve also tried out Lord of the Rings Online, and the world is beautiful. I’d love to become a Tolkien fan, and really connect to the universe he created. I’m surprised it didn’t immediately grab me, because I feel like it’s something I, of all people, would love. But I didn’t. Though I’m willing to try again. And again. As long as it takes. I WILL love Tolkien, if it’s the last thing I do.

We Have to Go Back!

Lost premiered last night. Normally I’d enjoy providing an unbiased review of the show, but at this point, I’m completely swept up in the show. I no longer care whether it’s bad or good. To me, it’s always going to be good, because I want to reach the end. I want to know what it all means. So, here’s my completely biased review of the first two episodes, “Because You Left”, and “The Lie”. Obviously, spoilers abound.

The show jumped right back in and hit the ground running, as they say. We received a million answers immediately about what happened to the Island, what the new format of the show will be (i.e. jumping through time to show both the Island story and the Oceanic Six), and it also set a few new mysteries, though none seriously compelling. I’d love to know how Faraday ends up working for Dharma, obviously we want to know more about Ms. Hawking, and who those guys are that were threatening Sawyer and Juliet with guns. But at this point, I really am enjoying watching the characters develop and adapt. Currently, I don’t like Jack. I think he’s been given too many opportunities to prove himself worthy as a leader, and he’s failed every time. I don’t know that he’s actually going to receive a happy ending when the series completes. I’m not sure he deserves one. On the other hand, Sawyer has become more likable in my eyes. I know people will claim I’m a traitor, but I’m pushing for Kate to end up with him. It just seems more right to me.

So we know the Oceanic 6 are going to make it back to the Island by midseason. Sorry if you didn’t know that, but it’s been announced by the producers, so it’s not really a huge secret. The big question is how? Everyone seemed to be coming together fairly quickly off-Island, with the exception of Hurley, who I can only assume will have to be broken out of jail. Or maybe Ana Lucia will save him again. (Sidebar: The line “Libby says hi” was the most adorable line ever. One of my favorite in the series.)

Overall, I’m really excited for this season, because it has direction. No more writers’ strikes to screw it up, and we now know, as Damon and Carlton put it, that we’re going to start getting more answers than questions in the show. We’ve already passed the halfway point, so it’s time to start wrapping everything up in a slow, yet ultimately awesome way. As long as they don’t save up some huge mystery to the very end, at which point it’ll be a huge letdown, no matter what it is, the show should be successful to the very end. And it deserves it.

Democracy Patch Day!

All you MMO players will have a good laugh. All the others may or may not.

The Magic of Disney

Ah, it’s nice to be back from winter break. Actually, that’s a lie. I really didn’t want to go back to school. Senioritis has kicked in hard. But it’s okay, one more semester and I’ll be out of here.

Break was pretty busy. I went skiing on Christmas (best time of year to go, the slopes are empty except for us Jews), we went to NYC to see Shrek the Musical (it was amazing!), and then I went to Disneyworld for my best friend’s 21st birthday. Four of us went, we’ve been friends since elementary school, and it was awesome. I went to Disney last February, with two friends from college, and it was fun, but they weren’t as into it as I was. I knew that us four would be a much better team, and they’d also let me plan out the parks the way I wanted to do them, since I consider myself an expert on gaming the system. Allow me to show you what I mean:

I went to Disney with a youth group in December 2003 (or 2004…I don’t remember). It was over my birthday, and one of the staff had worked at Disney for a few years, so he grabbed me a birthday pin to wear from Guest Services. I asked if the pin did anything special, and he said, “I dunno. Maybe you can skip all the lines or something.” And so I tried it out on a ride, and it worked! They let me jump the entire line and hop right on, which was great!

I’ve kept the pin since then, and I brought it back to Disney in February, but my friends refused to let me use it to try and jump the lines, because “It was unfair to everyone else”. Oh well. We still got to do everything, but I never learned whether it actually held magic in it or not. This time around, I gave it to my friend, and we used it on EVERY RIDE. We skipped hours of lines just by asking nicely if we could get to the front because it was her birthday. We got free Fastpasses handed to us, we got special tickets letting us jump the line. It was fantastic. I’m wary to actually post this on the internet, lest our secret be divulged, but oh well. It was totally worth it, and if it never works again, I’ll be okay with that. Besides, Disney now has a special program where you can visit the park for free on your birthday.

My absolute favorite part of Disneyworld, however, is the effort they put into the park to hide the day-to-day stuff that goes on behind-the-scenes. They really try to keep everything “magical”, and I really love that. While it’s fun to see the gears operating the animatronics, it’s even more fun just to relax and enjoy the show. We loved every minute we spent in Disney, and I think I’ve almost convinced my parents to take a family trip there sometime in the next few years. Maybe after the Monsters’ Inc. roller coaster is built.