We Have to Go Back!

Lost premiered last night. Normally I’d enjoy providing an unbiased review of the show, but at this point, I’m completely swept up in the show. I no longer care whether it’s bad or good. To me, it’s always going to be good, because I want to reach the end. I want to know what it all means. So, here’s my completely biased review of the first two episodes, “Because You Left”, and “The Lie”. Obviously, spoilers abound.

The show jumped right back in and hit the ground running, as they say. We received a million answers immediately about what happened to the Island, what the new format of the show will be (i.e. jumping through time to show both the Island story and the Oceanic Six), and it also set a few new mysteries, though none seriously compelling. I’d love to know how Faraday ends up working for Dharma, obviously we want to know more about Ms. Hawking, and who those guys are that were threatening Sawyer and Juliet with guns. But at this point, I really am enjoying watching the characters develop and adapt. Currently, I don’t like Jack. I think he’s been given too many opportunities to prove himself worthy as a leader, and he’s failed every time. I don’t know that he’s actually going to receive a happy ending when the series completes. I’m not sure he deserves one. On the other hand, Sawyer has become more likable in my eyes. I know people will claim I’m a traitor, but I’m pushing for Kate to end up with him. It just seems more right to me.

So we know the Oceanic 6 are going to make it back to the Island by midseason. Sorry if you didn’t know that, but it’s been announced by the producers, so it’s not really a huge secret. The big question is how? Everyone seemed to be coming together fairly quickly off-Island, with the exception of Hurley, who I can only assume will have to be broken out of jail. Or maybe Ana Lucia will save him again. (Sidebar: The line “Libby says hi” was the most adorable line ever. One of my favorite in the series.)

Overall, I’m really excited for this season, because it has direction. No more writers’ strikes to screw it up, and we now know, as Damon and Carlton put it, that we’re going to start getting more answers than questions in the show. We’ve already passed the halfway point, so it’s time to start wrapping everything up in a slow, yet ultimately awesome way. As long as they don’t save up some huge mystery to the very end, at which point it’ll be a huge letdown, no matter what it is, the show should be successful to the very end. And it deserves it.


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