Back to Middle Earth?

A bunch of people were posting this link on their Twitters today. I finally had a chance during class (shhh) to read it, and it really made me curious to go back and read the trilogy again.

When I think of The Lord of the Rings, I think “Borrrrring.” The story itself was not boring. I love the story as a whole. But the two times I had read the trilogy, I was bored by the long blocks of text describing things, and I just wanted the story to move on. To me, the second and third books were just a lot of walking around. I’m sure any Tolkein fans reading this are crying “Blasphemy!” right now, but that’s why I’m saying I’m going to give it a second (third?) chance. That blog post I linked to was really well-written, and I do want to have that experience of forming the image of Middle Earth in my head. So maybe I’ll get those books sent to me to read over this semester.

I’ve seen the movies, and the third is my absolute favorite (minus the last half hour), and I’ve also tried out Lord of the Rings Online, and the world is beautiful. I’d love to become a Tolkien fan, and really connect to the universe he created. I’m surprised it didn’t immediately grab me, because I feel like it’s something I, of all people, would love. But I didn’t. Though I’m willing to try again. And again. As long as it takes. I WILL love Tolkien, if it’s the last thing I do.


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