And now for something completely different

Here’s an interesting read. Not because it’s a cool article (which it is), but because I notice something on it that I’ve never noticed on another company’s site before. They specifically address questions which compare the game to other games, and they purposely mention aspects of other competitors. Obviously City of Heroes/Villains comes up a lot in conversations about Champions Online, but it’s awesome for them to publicly post questions asking if they’ll have Feature X which Warhammer Online has, and for Cryptic to say either “Yes, we’ll have something, but here’s how we’ll make it better” or “No, we won’t have that at launch.” Maybe other companies have done that, but I’ve certainly never seen it. Why bring up the competition on YOUR site? As a developer, I understand why you wouldn’t. As a player, I certainly appreciate the acknowledgment that other games do exist.


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