New York Comic Con!

In a fit of genius, last Friday I suddenly decided, “Hey! I should road trip to NY for Comic Con!” Comic Cons have expanded over the years to include much more than comics (which I have no investment in), and now include television, movies, and video games, so it’s much more relevant to me. Over the weekend, I recruited a friend to join me, and we put together cohesive plans to get to NY, stay at a friend’s, and hang out all weekend. I’m just about as excited for this as I was when I got hired as an intern last year (actually, that happened around this time too, didn’t it?). A bunch of my friends are going to be at the Con, including some I’ve met in real life and some I haven’t, so I’m hoping to do some awesome networking (thanks to some of the tips I’ve learned from Darius Kazemi), and just have a great time. It’s my first actual convention I’m going to for anything, so I’m hoping to get lots of pictures, lots of free stuff, and lots of new friends. Hopefully I can post photos each night to Facebook, so keep an eye on it. Maybe I’ll toss some up here as well.

Also, here’s some of the fun stuff I’ll be seeing at the convention:

  • Pixar’s premiering the first 50 minutes of their latest movie, Up!
  • Futurama is screening their new movie
  • Champions Online is giving out beta keys
  • Jumpgate Evolution is showing off their game (sidenote: their CM is my favorite. Sorry, Troy Hewitt.)
  • Joss Whedon is having a Dollhouse panel, complete with the first part of their pilot episode
  • LOTS of people in crazy costumes

Plus, I just learned about Bolt Bus, a new company that provides power outlets and free wifi on the bus ride. I’m not sure how well it’ll actually work, but COOL! More updates from the convention as I have them.


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