It was extremely strange going back to the same exact convention center for a second weekend. But it was really cool to see the entire place change over in just a week to a completely different show. I got to join my dad in his excursion to the New York Toy Fair, and annual show that is closed to the public. People bring their crazy inventions, hoping to get them mass produced, while other big-name companies show off their upcoming fun stuff for the next year. It was awesome to see some upcoming toys, and also to check out some cool concepts. My personal favorites:

  • The company Mega got the license to produce Halo Wars products, and I was really impressed with the detail of the models, considering they’re just made of building blocks. Even the Banshee’s lid opens up like it does in the game. Plus the mini Spartans, grunts, and Arbiters were adorable.
  • Rubik has a new touch-sensitive cube coming out. It’s electronic, and you swipe the sides to rotate them. Plus it has a hint and undo button. I didn’t get to physically see it at the show, but there were plenty of displays about it, plus I read the Engadget writeup on it today.
  • This new product came out called Tracksters. From what I understand, you buy a little diecast car, and the car includes a code which you enter online. Then you can race that exact car online against other people and earn points to buy upgrades. They’ll also be selling booster packs of cards which also give you upgrades online. Interesting concept, but I’m concerned because they already have a product-online game tie-in that doesn’t seem to have done very well. I’ll give it a shot though.
  • My personal favorite: Mind Flex. This was the toy I wanted to play with more than anything else, and I got the chance to. You wear a headband, and the game measures your brainwaves. The more you concentrate, the higher a ball floats, and the more you relax, the lower it floats. You then have to navigate it through an obstacle course. I played with it for about 10 minutes, and it was HARD. But I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s the first of its kind to read your mind, so I think it was awesome. Unfortunately, I can’t see it being a success with an $80 pricetag attached. Maybe once mind-readers are more affordable, I’ll get one.

So, that was a cool show. It’s nice to be at a show that’s closed to the public, but I really did enjoy the chaos of Comic Con. When’s the next convention?


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