This Week’s Playlist

  • The Orange Box (360) – I already owned HL2, Portal, and TF2 on the PC, but after so many times having to reinstall my OS without an adequate back-up, I’m tired of having to restart my HL2 game. So I got the 360 version, and now I never have to worry about losing my save again. Plus, apparently I’m way better at console FPS’s than PC ones.
  • Warcraft III – Never got the chance to play this when I was younger. Now I’m taking the opportunity to do so. This game sets the stage very well for WoW.
  • World of Warcraft – It finally bit me. I’m becoming slowly addicted. When I’m not playing, sometimes I think about things I want to do later when I have time. Uh oh.
  • Brutal Legend – I really want to continue playing it, but everything else keeps distracting me.
  • Torchlight Demo – I only have the demo, but it never ends! I’m gonna keep going till it stops me, but I’m shocked at the length of the demo so far. And yes, it’s awesome.
  • Champions Online – Well, duh. I’m still working my way through the content, albeit very slowly. This is still my first time naturally leveling from 1-40 (without using dev commands, that is). So even though I’ve seen most of the content at one time or another, I’m trying to experience it for real.

Things I’m watching:

  • Battlestar Galactica – Watched the miniseries this weekend, now it’s time to watch the whole series. Hells yeah.
  • Mad Men (Season 1) – Still not completely hooked, but the show is good, for sure. I watch it casually when I want to imagine myself being disrespectful to women in the 1960’s.
  • Glee – Not having an episode last week was painful.
  • Dollhouse – Why is no one watching this this year? The show is AWESOME!

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