This Week’s Playlist

  • World of Warcraft – I hit 68 this week, which finally allowed me to experience Northrend. The quest chains as soon as you get there are so well grouped together that you really can see yourself making progress in the overarching storyline. It’s extremely satisfying. I’m looking forward to seeing when the “Phasing” tech gets used out there, so far I’ve only seen it in the Death Knight intro. Anyway, I think the WoW bug finally bit, and I’m so close to 80 I can taste it.
  • Half Life 2 – This got put on hold while I played WoW, but I really want to get through it.
  • Warcraft III – I stopped on one of the “Survive for 30 minutes” missions, and I’m afraid to go back. I hate timers. I have no doubt it’ll be easy, but I hate being timed. HATE IT.
  • Champions Online – It took me a while to get some momentum, but I hit 17 this week and new areas are now opening up to me to do some missions in. Plus, it’s the final weekend of Blood Moon, so I wanna hit up some more perks. I also like that I can go back to lower-level missions and get significant amounts of XP for doing them.

Next week is Modern Warfare 2. I’m hesitant to buy it due to the drama surrounding it. I have no doubt the game is good, but I just don’t appreciate the company culture they’ve established for themselves. You are welcome to purchase the game. I have some qualms about supporting a company that posts ads like the above without a second thought.


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  1. o/ Daeke. Dropped through this way from your Twitter, felt like I may as well say something meaningful while I’m here.

    The Phasing in Northrend is pretty cool, the kind of system that makes my designer hat tilt at an interested angle. The quest chain you’re looking for in particular to really experience it happens… I think we were around 72-ish? I can’t really remember, but it’s after you’ve been in DragonBlight for a while. I can’t really speak to the alliance side of things, but I’m pretty sure both of them have a parallel storyline involving Alexstrazia in the northern area(there should be a pair of outposts up there near the gate. It’s by far the best use of the Phasing system I can remember seeing. VERY cool. They also use phasing down along the coast in the western starting zone(can’t remember all the names, I left WoW a while ago) with the.. um… viking guys I can’t quite remember. that one’s so subtle, though, that you almost don’t realize it’s phased at all.

    Re: CO– I love that about CO myself. Have you seen the Crime Computer 2.0 site? I manage to make about a whole level worth of XP on my 26 just going back through stuff I’d missed using that site as a guide, which was fantastic. I can’t think of any MMOs I’ve played before that let me do that. I like to do it when i just want to play without having to think too much about it.

    I don’t blame you on the MW2 issue. Frankly, I’m kind of tired of CoD already, and then they go and do this thing with the ad… to say nothing of the leaked opening sequence. Done well, said opening could be making a point about the political climate and have a great deal of meaning… but as it is, it just seems like a totally gratuitous thing done to garner controversy and cause a stir and some sensationalism, which just makes me care about the game even less.

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