Indigo Prophecy, A Few Years Late

I make no excuses for the fact that I don’t finish many games I start. I have video game attention deficit, in no part helped by the masses of excellent games that are released one after another. I’ve already fallen way behind the curve from Q4 2009. I have yet to even purchase Modern Warfare 2 or Assassin’s Creed 2, not to mention all the games I already bought but never finished. But all of that was put on hold when I heard about this upcoming game, “Heavy Rain”.

From what I’ve heard about Heavy Rain, the game is basically an interactive movie. You control minute actions of your characters, from opening a door to conversing with people. And every action affects how the story plays out. Sounds cool, right? Then, I come to discover that this isn’t actually the first game like this. The same company, Quantum Dream, came out with a game for the Xbox years back called “Indigo Prophecy”. I debated for a while between buying the Steam version (For about $5) or the Xbox version (For $10). Seeing as the game came out originally for the Xbox, I figured I wanted to be a “purist” and play the game the way it was originally designed to be played.

I spent about all last week playing through the entire game. Didn’t play anything else in between, didn’t switch games at all. Well, okay, actually I played some WoW too, but that’s only because I finally hit 80 and am experiencing what others call “The actual game” for the first time. More on that later. Anyways, I played Indigo Prophecy straight through. Why? Because the story was actually good! The game was creepy as hell, but the plot kept moving along and I wanted to continue to experience it fully. No, the game doesn’t look so good nowadays, but the voice acting was excellent, and it really felt like I was interacting with a movie. That’s something I want more of.

There are plenty who will say “All that game was was an 8-hour long quick-time event game.” And you’re correct, yes. But there’s something about pulling off a QTE combination that then leads to my character backflipping off a wall and ninja chopping a cop into unconsciousness that I probably wouldn’t have gotten from many other games. Okay, maybe the new Prince of Persia stuff. But in theory, I’m still correct.

Point is: Indigo Prophecy was an awesome experience. Heavy Rain will probably be even better, since it’ll look great on the PS3.


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