The Power of Community

Don’t ever tell me companies don’t listen to their communities.

It’s Free!
We heard our community and we acted. Champions Online – Revelation will now be available to everyone at no extra charge. That is a free expansion pack for all Champions Online players.

’nuff said.


7 Responses

  1. While it may not cost the users money, it did cost us something significant.

    • Not sure I follow you. What are you talking about, exactly?

      • Vladcul, and most others from the CO forums, are working under the assumption that you were fired from your position at Cryptic for releasing the information about Vibora Bay being a paid expansion.

        So Vlads probably saying that the free price tag for Revelation is coming at the cost of your job. (Though, now, it seems like that’s not the case.)

      • More or less what Ssj said. Whether because info was stated before it was desired to be publicly known or because of the resulting community revolt , just the fact that a cool guy is no longer part of the Cryptic landscape and it reflects primarily back to this.

        It seems to be the price given that the announcement was not made until yesterday about their ‘revelation’. They are plainly stating that the have decided to release it for free to assuage the community despite the fact it is the ‘quality and quantity worthy of a paid expansion’. This community bonfire would have occurred at whatever point it was announced that there was a price tag.

  2. I guess it pays to have faith 😉

  3. Yes, this rumour has even permeated to the STO forums…here.

    I hope it’s not true and that they did not make you a scapegoat. If that’s the case, then that would be a terrible new low for Cryptic.

    I have cancelled CO almost 2 months ago but I may re-up just to dust off my 4 40’s and try out Revelation. I would pay to be a fly in the wall during one of those staff meetings with Roper when they decided to make VB free.

  4. I actually want to retract the last part of my previous statement. After some minor, and I mean MINOR, digging, I found the truth! Sorry to see you go, but I’m glad you left on good terms.

    Good luck with your future endeavors, Dae… um… Mr. Bass. :p

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