The Bloggers Talk Back

Last month, I was part of an interview on Massively about the relationship that community managers should have with blogs. I really enjoyed answering the questions, both because it was my first opportunity to do so in a public manner, and also because I liked seeing a pop quiz that I knew all the answers to.

Sure enough, today Massively invited the bloggers to answer similar questions from their point of view. I was hopeful that they’d do something like this, because I was interested to see if my opinions and view of the bloggers were in line with how they saw themselves. I think I can safely say that I was spot on. The blogsters that were interviewed fell right in line with my thoughts about how we should interact with them, and I’m very glad. It’s nice to be validated once in a while. The blogs that were interviewed (like Bio Break and Keenandgraev) understand that they’re the editorial side of gaming press, more or less. They have no restrictions in what they can say, and there’s no need for them to please the company they are currently talking about. You can’t necessarily say the same for any of the press sites out there. Remember the Kane & Lynch debacle? Good times.

Anyways, my point is: You go, bloggers. You keep doing what you’re doing, because I love reading you and because I respect your position. I won’t forget about you at my next job.


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