Derek Smart Is Hilarious

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t already know who Derek Smart is. But the best part is that it doesn’t matter. Within a few hours of taking over Alganon’s development, he already posted what I believe to be the Best Post of 2010. Yup, I’m calling it right here, in mid-March.

The post seems to have edited out some of my favorite parts of it from last night, but there’s still plenty to enjoy:

“Dave Allen didn’t “depart”. I fired him back in February for insurbordination and for acting against the best interests of the company, the LLC investors (who I represent), the game and the team.”

“The average gamer is as finnicky as a hummingbird on acid”

“My community sticks with my games because I’ve always stayed focused on the people who actually buy and play my games. Those are the people who I have catered to. QOL is going to focus on the community that buys and plays Alganon. If you don’t like Alganon the game for what it is and not what you want it to be, fine, don’t play it, don’t come here, go and play something else. No hard feelings.”

Derek’s posting style is totally a nightmare for any Marketing/PR person at Quest Online, and especially tough for any Community people they have over there. For now, the community seems like they’re frolicking around hand-in-hand with Derek and are happy as can be that he’s taken over, the honeymoon is not going to last long. He tends to intentionally infuriate people who are being rude, and guess what? Those people make up a good percentage of your community.

Even though right now the community likes seeing someone with a strong fist come crashing into their party to shed some light on the situation (that was going to be a metaphor but sort of died a quarter of the way into the sentence), my guess is that soon he’ll start rubbing them the wrong way, and we’ll see a bit of friction between the players and the development team. Or, more specifically, Derek Smart.


One Response

  1. I think a lot depends. Some are probably hoping to see more of the internet famous Derek Smart brand fireworks. Some people just don’t know who he is, though they will soon. The question is, are there more of the former or more of the latter in the Alganon community?

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