MS hurting second-hand sales?! SAY IT AIN’T SO!

I couldn’t help laughing a little when I read this article just now. Not because of the people getting banned, though. Rather, because of the silly analyst who commented on the banning applying to consoles rather than users:

Microsoft, he said, “needs to find a way to address this, or else it risks annoying the modders who make up 1 percent of their audience and the second-hand purchasers.”

Would someone care to explain to me why in the world Microsoft would care about this? Modders are violating the terms of service, without question. And second-hand purchasers are the core reason why developers lose money these days. This is so ridiculous I can’t even begin to explain. Allow me to try.

GameStop is evil. There, I said it. I wholly admit that I say this as someone from within the industry. Their business of buying and selling used games is pure 100% profit for them, and developers see NOTHING out of that. It hurts developers when the day after a game is released, you can buy the same game for $5 less used, because we see none of the money from that sale. Now, on a personal level, I’m not willing to buy a used game just to save $5. I like ripping open the packaging for the first time. But on a bigger level, this strategy is hurting development of games.

So when Microsoft is “hurting second-hand sales” of Xbox consoles, why shouldn’t they be? Do they see a cent of money from the selling/buying of used consoles? Of course not! This is probably intentional, and it should be!

Whew. I’m spent. Those comments in the article really got my goat.


My wishlist!

After discovering that WordPress allows you to create multiple pages within your blog, I went ahead and played around with it by creating my current wishlist. It’s fairly small, mostly because I went on a crazy buying binge over the past few months, but I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff to add to it as time goes on. Check it out.

24: Redemption doesn’t really redeem

I watched 24: Redemption tonight with Marti. I mean, it wasn’t bad. Nothing really happened during it, is all. While it tried to set up what went on between seasons 6 and 7, you really didn’t miss much. Jack was in Africa, he saved some kids, and then went back to America because of a subpeona. Meanwhile, some senator’s funding terrorism. Big whoop.

While we’re on the subject of 24, it’s on my probation list. Yes, I actually do have a list of shows that are on probation. Desperate Housewives was on it, but proved itself early on this season. Heroes was definitely on it, but I’m enjoying myself in spite of its loss in quality this time around. And now 24 is in the danger zone. They definitely changed their formula around this year, so I’m willing to give it another go. If they were still set on returning to the same old stuff, I’d be done with it. Yeah, I’m a little pissed that apparantly Tony’s alive. That’s just idiotic. But I’ll give it another chance, if only because I need the adrenaline rush next semester when I’m not doing any theater.

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Just a reminder, tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Don’t forget to YAR at random passerbys!

Pulling the rug out from under you

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, developers of Stargate Worlds, fired their Community Manager this week. Their claim (which I believe) is that they wanted a CM who was local to the company. Now, I can completely understand that preference. Working in Seattle this summer allowed me to be so much more helpful than I could have been at home. And even now, back at school, it’s much harder to stay in touch and keep up with everything that’s going on around the office. But, what happened at CME is something very different. Because it is extremely hard on a community to take the CM who they’ve come to know and love, and throw them out for someone completely new.

I’m not like all the other forumgoers who claim that this will ruin the community, blah blah blah. But I do think that there is a balance through the development cycle of when taking away a CM can be beneficial, and when it turns harmful. CME didn’t cross that line, I’m fairly certain. Yes, right now it sucks that we lost Katie, who everyone knows to be awesome and sweet and just fun all around. But I bet in a few months, or whenever the beta starts, we’ll be just as happy as we were a few weeks ago.

However, try firing the CM right before launch. It’s possible complete chaos will reign. Your community builds up this trusting rapport with the CM, and to have them lose that will also cause them to lose faith in the company a little. Yes, you can build it back up with someone new, as I’m sure CME will do, but it takes a lot of time and effort, during which many players might not be willing to put in everything they had been putting in. I know that I, personally, feel less compelled to help out on the forums, because I know Katie’s not there to help out. I remember reading that some of the community helpers there wanted to quit in rage after hearing about it, but, thankfully, they all stayed on.

Anyways, point being, there’s a balance there. I think CME will be fine from this occurrance, but other companies might not be so lucky.

PS. I need to watch the Star Wars trilogy again.


JJ Abrams’s new show finally premiered this week. I wasn’t caught up in all the hype about it, because as much as I love Lost, I think it’s gotten way weird lately. I love it because I was in it from the beginning, back before it was crazy super weird. Fringe starts off with the weird, and plans to keep going, and I really have plenty of weird from Lost and Heroes combined. Anyways, I watched the Fringe pilot online yesterday just to see what it was like, and here are my thoughts.

It’s not bad. It’s got an interesting premise, and you do get a lot of the explanations you were interested in by the end of the episode. There’s a nice twist in it which I sort of predicted, but all in all, it was a well-made episode. Though I do admit, I was extremely grossed out at the opening sequence.

My main anger stems from the blatant similarities between this and Lost. Let’s see: Story starts with a plane. One actor crosses over from Lost to Fringe. The show’s about psuedoscience (which sort of is what Dharma was looking at). The same guy does the music for both shows, and they sound extremely similar (complete with a crescendo into an abrupt silence before commercial). Oh, and the one passenger they pointed out dying: Passenger 108. I mean, really? You had to choose THAT number?

So, the show was fine. I’m not hooked, which is a very good thing, and I’ve basically decided I’ll be happy enough letting the season run, then reading an entire synopsis of it next year to find out what happened. That’ll be great.

In the meantime, here’s the breakdown of shows I’m going to be watching this Fall:


8PM Chuck (starts 9/29)
9PM Heroes (starts 9/22)


10PM Eli Stone (starts 10/14)


9PM The Office (starts 9/25)
9:30PM 30 Rock (starts 10/30)

Not too bad, I think.

It’s Amazing…

…what you can do with a little CSS. Check out Pirate’s new website: I know a lot of work went into it, but all the data remains unchanged, and it just looks ridiculously good compared to the old design. I really wish I was good at web design…