I’ll write more tomorrow. For now…hells yeah.


Yes, this is a Palin rant

Alright. I hate talking politics publicly. I don’t like alienating an audience, I don’t like the inevitable arguments that come up. I prefer to form my own opinions, educate myself through others, and then make my own decision. But Palin is just…wow. I can’t even begin to describe the things that make me angry about her. I mean, there’s all the obvious stuff like “I’m an unexperienced idiot who didn’t do squat as mayor or governor”. But, she’s also doing nothing to stop people at her rallies being assholes to Obama. I’m not expecting her to play nice, that’s not how politics work. But to have people screaming out “Hussein the socialist!” and have her say nothing to stop that? That’s the sign of a desperate person. And no, your interview with Katie Couric was not bad because you were annoyed with her questions. It sucked because you didn’t know anything about real world politics and therefore couldn’t answer her questions. I mean, yeah, you probably were annoyed with the questions, because they weren’t simple enough for you to respond with a canned answer. But seriously, woman.

So, yeah, I’m angry. And I’m not just angry, I’m scared. If McCain wins…this woman will be in power. She will have serious influence in the world, and that’s frightening. I don’t need to reiterate all the dumb stuff she’s said over the past few months, but look at them. It’s too much. McCain should’ve pulled her when he had the chance.